What’s Changing for the Ram Brand in 2018?

Last month, we got a good look at what the Dodge brand was bringing to 2018.

Now, we get to see why everyone should be excited about new updates to the Ram lineup in the coming year.

Can't wait for new model releases next quarter, or in the spring? We've got a great selection of new Ram trucks right here in Duluth to get you into a strong, reliable, pickup now.


Ramp Up the Smallest Ram to be the Biggest Competitor

Ford's full-size light-duty recently went through a major redesign, and added a diesel engine, making it an even more serious rival to Ram. But, the truck brand has some tricks up its sleeve to push out Chevrolet and compete directly with Ford with its full-size range.

Here's what we can look forward to in 2018:

  • Upcoming new generation of Ram 1500 trucks--we'll see it in January at the Detroit Auto Show
  • Continued production of the current 2018 Ram 1500 models to tide over hungry buyers with great deals
  • More special options and limited-edition trim levels and configurations
  • Rumors for a completely new Ram pickup truck tailgate design--will we see it?
  • Potential concept for a fully-redesigned 2020 Ram heavy-duty truck line


Some of what we have to look forward to, at the moment, is just speculation--and hope.

But one thing for sure is that the 2019 Ram 1500 is going to be a huge deal when it arrives, and we'll be telling you more about it whenever we can.


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