Why a Dodge Lease in Atlanta is Right for You

With so many exciting new updates to look forward to, the Dodge brand is looking hot for winter in Atlanta.

But if you're not ready to settle down and commit to just one car for the next ten years--or if you're not ready to take on the hefty payments of buying a new car--then a practical, flexible Dodge lease might be the perfect choice for your Atlanta-area lifestyle.

Check out new-car specials to see how much you could save on your next lease; your Dodge Challenger or Journey lease payments could be a lot more affordable than you think.

You could even lease a Hellcat.

So, what are the top four reasons that leasing a Dodge is a smart move for you?

  • You could trade up to a brand-new Charger, Challenger, or Durango every few years
  • You get a lot more car for the money, and stay on budget
  • Enjoy the best of modern performance and technology on a regular basis
  • You can buy out the vehicle at the end of the lease for an affordable price


To see what we have available, we encourage you to shop new Dodge inventory online to see estimated lease deals.

Your lease payments will vary based on trim level, model-year, features and package options, and your credit score--so if you know that leasing is going to be the right choice for your next Dodge car, contact our financing department to get started.


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