Your Complete Guide to Dodge Service

July 25th, 2022 by

Dodges are known for their dependability and performance, being a fan favorite in Duluth for years! However, an excellent and consistent maintenance routine is the key to making these vehicles last long. If you are a new or used Dodge vehicle owner, there is no place to go than Rick Hendrick CDJR Duluth for all your servicing needs! 

Dodge Oil Change

Dodge Oil Change

The engine is the lifeline of every vehicle, and it depends on oil to lubricate all working parts within its intricate system. So here are some things that will occur whenever it is time to replace your oil. 

  • Your check engine/oil light appears on your dashboard.
  • There is a strange sound coming from your engine.
  • Your oil’s texture is grimy, and the color is darker than usual.
  • There is a strange vibration from your car, even when it’s at a standstill. 

Protect your engine by getting routine oil changes! Call the experts at our service center the next you pick up on any of the signs listed above. We’ve got you covered whenever your oil is dirty, old, or running low!

Dodge Brake Service 

Having your brakes working any less than 100% is severely dangerous because they allow you to stop your vehicle. Therefore, the best way to be preemptive and proactive about brake issues is to look out for these critical signs. 

  • The brake warning light comes on your dashboard.
  • You hear screeching or grinding noises.
  • It takes more pressure to stop completely.
  • There is an unpleasant and bold smell near your tires.
  • You feel a vibration in your steering wheel or pedal. 

Once you have detected one of these warning signs, take your truck or SUV to a trusted technician. Our service team will ensure that every component of your brake system does not go overlooked. We will perform a light diagnosis, fluid flushing, assess the rotor and drum turning, and even replace the pad if necessary. 

Dodge Battery Change

Dodge Battery Service 

Like the mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse, the battery powers your truck or SUV’s electric and ignition systems. Maintenance is the only way to ensure the health of your battery, but how do you know if something is wrong? Here are some indicators that will tell you that there is an issue. 

  • Your headlights are dimmer.
  • There is a clicking sound when you turn the car key.
  • The cranking sounds sluggish.
  • Backfiring can be an indicator of battery issues.

If you notice that your SUV or truck is exhibiting one of these signs, immediately take it to a professional. Schedule a service appointment at Hendrick CDJR! Feel confident that our technicians will address and solve any problems with your battery, like corrosion or faulty circuits and replace it if necessary. 

Visit Our Dodge Service Center in Duluth 

Offering exemplary services like oil changes, battery replacement, tire rotations, and brake inspections, our Dodge service department is the best in Atlanta! Are you looking to save money on parts and servicing? Check out our Dodge service coupons and other financing options we continually provide our customers! If you need a quick repair, come to our Express Lane, and we will have you back on the road in no time!

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